Frequently Asked Questions

  • The sad reality is that we get the unwanted, unvetted, uncared for. We have had, and still have many adult dogs, most of whom came to us in need of medical care. Veterinary costs for the special cases can run into thousands of dollars. Some of the dogs have special needs like medications such as insulin for diabetes, Vetoryl for Cushings disease and heart medications for those that have heart issues in order to provide a better quality of life. Younger healthier dogs may not have quite the same health issues as the older dogs do but they too need to be examined, vaccinated and altered prior to adoption. They could also have problems like eye surgery, lump removals, diabetic. The adoption fee only partially covers these costs. Donations from the public are limited. LOYAL Rescue offsets the difference through fundraising efforts where we can.

  • Often dogs come into our foster program with nothing but the fur on their backs; they do not have their own collar, leash, ID, toys, or bed. Other times a dog may come in with a lot of belongings. When you adopt your new dog, it will come with its vetting paperwork. Often a foster home will send a loved toy or bed along with the dog depending on how long it has been in foster care. You should be prepared to bring the following with you at the time of adoption: a secure, tight fitting collar (we recommend martingale collars), a sturdy leash, ID tags with your information on them to immediately put on the dog's collar, and, if required, a crate for transporting. What you choose to buy for your new family member beyond that in terms of toys, clothing, bedding, etc. is totally up to you, and their foster home will let you know what the dog prefers in terms of these items. They will likely also send you home with a bit of food that the dog has been eating in order to transition him/her onto the food you plan to feed, assuming that it is not the same brand. This transition is important to avoid stomach problems for your new pooch.

    All questions regarding the dog's likes, dislikes and preferences, as well as what you should purchase and bring with you at the time of adoption, can be discussed with the foster family. The one essential item that is non-negotiable, however, is a tight-fitting collar with ID tags (including the ID tag that will come with your LOYAL dog and that should remain on him or her at all times). Dogs have been known to startle and go missing on the day of adoption or in the following days, and having a tight-fitting collar with ID (at a bare minimum, the LOYAL ID tag) on it is imperative and non-negotiable. You will not be permitted to take a dog home that is not wearing proper ID.

  • Since we are provincially-based, that means our dogs may be fostered anywhere in Ontario, so please check their profiles as to the location of their foster home.

    We are not a shelter, and therefore do not have one location where dogs can be visited, viewed and adopted.

    If you are interested in meeting one of our adoptable dogs, please complete an application on our website to begin our adoption process. Only approved homes can make arrangements with our foster homes to meet our dogs in person, unless you have spoken to the foster family and made alternative arrangements.